Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Arrrrrrrrrrr It Be Pirates Day

Arrgh......'Tis Meow Like A Pirate Day!

Graphic by Ann at Zoolatry

Party hosted by Sammy, Gracie, & Raz



Me and my merry band of pirates will be sailin' the seven seas today, looking for ships to plunder and pillage to add to my stash of gold and jewels in the hold of my pirate ship!

Belly up to the bar

Food is ready for ye.
If you don't see something you want please keep it to yourself.

Pirate cake for what is left of ye sweet teeth.  
Then ye be safe!


I am so excited to celebrate my very first Meowin' Like a Pirate day. I even have a pirate name. Who knew I'd be having so much fun after getting adopted. My pirate name is Nick “Captain Of Rats” Scar, “The Scurvy Dog of Nowhere Key!” 

I hope it is okay. I brought along the Kitties Blue crew on our new ship, The Blue Fancy.

I think I'll be partaking of some of this great grub.

Ahoy, Mateys!

Pirates Day!

Happy Pirates Day everyone!!!
A favorite day of the year for me.

I will be serving drinks in the bar for ye.
Then I will head to the seas and seek finding my treasure.

Time to set sail. I have my map and my treasure is waiting for me to find.

The day has paid off. I found ye treasure.

I have plenty to share if you want you can take one item from me treasure chest.
Don't be greedy because I be watching ye.

Let's Talk Like Pirates Today!


Aye!  I'm Captain Sam and me and my loyal crew of one (!), Terrible Ted the Pirate are ready to set sail for a day of plundering, pillaging, and probably a lot of fun........
Captain Sam can I drive the pirate ship once - just once - pretty pleeeeeze?

Terrible Ted you do not "DRIVE" a pirate ship, you steer it into other ships and plunder their BOOTY!!!!
Now, where is the Ship's Cook - time for some food for our guests!!
Here's ye grub Captain!

AND some sweets for the sweet as well as PIRATE GROG!

After a day of being a pirate, Terrible Ted and I will be headin' below on our ship and taking a rest before resuming our plundering and pillaging!   
Captain Sam and Terrible Ted the Pirate

Monday, September 18, 2017

Tim and Fitz Meow Like Pirates

Fearless Fitz how arrrr ye going to meow like a pirate
Makin some poor soul walk the plank, Terrible Tim
Purrrfect Fearless simply purrfect

Rotton Rumpy tellin ye scurvey souls that ye are
welcome at our bloggie fur mah Gotcha Day pawty Yarrrrrr

Have a grand Meow Like a Pirate day matey's
Didn't ya hear Capt Terrible? Git ye ta havin fun!

Capt Terrible Tim
Fearless Fitz

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Friday, September 15, 2017

Prayers for Raz's Family

Please send prayers to Raz and his mom.
His daddy left for heaven yesterday.


Friday, September 8, 2017


Praying that those in the path of hurricanes Irma will be safe from harm.
Also, praying for those in Houston will get soon relief and can get their lives back as it were.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Happy Labor Day

Scylla, Chimera & Family

Happy Labor Day

Gracie, Angel Sammy, Teddy and I wanted to wish you a Happy Labor Day!  Put your paws up and relax....today is a day that you should NOT labor.

Grab a meowgarita or a niptini

When you're ready...belly up to the buffet. Plates are on the table

Doesn't the table look great?  Gracie and Raz did a fantastic job...

We have nommy lobster and oysters...

And Real Live Dead Shrimps

And soft shell crabs...

Some great hunks of MEAT

Some nip flavored chick-hen eggs with our labor day theme decorations.  Please done't eat the decorations!!

Speaking of decorations, Gracie really picked out nice centerpieces, didn't she?

After you've filled up on noms, feel free to take a nap or to join us on the waterslide.
Hey - Look at Gracie go!!!

Grab a nip cupcake on your way home.

We hope you had a good time at our Labor Day party!!

Raz, Angel Sammy, Teddy  and Gracie

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day to everyone

Heck with the labor stuff just take it easy today.
Hang out with your friends, family or just yourself.

No Labor For Me!!

Happy Labor Day Tabby Cat Club Members!
What?  It might be Labor Day but I won't be laboring unless you consider being a kitten having fun to be labor.   Here's my Labor Day agenda:
Play with my toys

Play with my Mom

 Watch Mom's printer spit out paper.........
Have a sink nap..........
See?? I'll be busy but not working hard.   It's a day to celebrate all those who DO work hard every day though and for them to take a day off to have relaxing fun with family and friends.   That's what we're doing here at the Tabby Cat Club!  
I hope you ALL have a great Labor Day.............relax - you deserve it!
Hugs, Teddy